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Invision Boatworks specializes in fixing rotten or damaged stringers using Seacast™. We start by removing the rotten or damaged wood, filling it in with Seacast™ pourable mix and finishing it with new fiberglass. The resulting stringer is almost three times stronger, will last a lifetime, is waterproof and extremely durable.
Permanent Transom Repair is here!
Seacast™ pourable transom mix is a filler and casting compound combining a mixture of reinforcements and additives in a polyester matrix, to replace rotted transom plywood. The resulting laminate is highly impact resistant having almost three times the strength of marine plywood and will not absorb water, nor will it rot.
With the strength of Seacast™, you will not need to add any additional reinforcement as it will just expand and contract with temperature changes and affect the integrity of the transom. The strength of Seacast™  is dependent on being sandwiched in a fiberglass skin because it is a core material only. Therefore, you will still have to have an inner skin and cap on the transom.
Seacast™ is formulated to bond to the fiberglass, but will bond to small amounts of preexisting wood that may remain after extraction. However, this will cause the bond to the fiberglass to be weakened and any remaining wood will most likely rot, therefore we advise against leaving any wood behind. Any cracks or holes will be sealed prior to pouring as the Seacast™ filler will leak thru any openings in your fiberglass. Seacast™ can be pre-fabricated at our facility and then installed just like plywood or we can pour it directly where the repairs are needed.

"We add class to our fiberglass"

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